Being pregnant was like being in AA and the fetus was my sponsor.”  That
was the first baby joke I tried in my stand-up comedy routine post “the
baby;” the one I avoided having in fear of my life forever changed. Change
can be perceived in many ways. As a woman, I change my clothes, my
hairstyle, my tampon, my attitude, my pedicure color, my mood, my sheets,
my shampoo, my celebrity crush and the list goes on. However, certain
changes I have always feared, in particular, life changes. When I met my
future husband at age 25 and married him four years later, I was done
changing. I had moved. I was a wife. Stroller-pushing women were a sign
of life interrupted. I thought someday I would be a mom, but I was never
quite ready. My baby was Manhattan . I had what I call prepartum
depression. The remedy was simple. Don’t have kids and life stays the
same. Mommyphobia is a nonfiction narrative that explores the premise
that no change is tantamount to becoming a mother.

Oh Vey, What to Say?

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